Ringtones, SMS Alert tones, among other things..

17th Sept, 1033 hrs - Whew!! A month of no updates! I'm back, armed with M-Audio, Pro Tools 7.4, and I'll be up and grabbing sound files from the net again!! Also, tonight's my big night with my friends: we're holding our own mini-concert! I'll be uploading many of my original compositions soon, so I'm saying goodbye to imeem. =) I think by making my songs freely available, my music will be one less bridge away from everyone. To those who've attended my concert later this evening, my best way of saying thanks would be, to upload my existing songs (which I hope you guys will like), and to continue to produce heartfelt music that reaches out to people. Thanks for having attended the concert, and enjoy the downloads I've made available for now! Will be uploading more songs after tonight =)

16th August, 1010 hrs - Some news to announce. I've given back my mBox2 to my friend, who's nice enough to loan it to me for over a year. It's the hardware that I use for all my music stuff. So which means, I'm paralyzed for a while. I'll be getting one next week (brand new!), so until then, there'll be no updates. Also, I'll be turning this into a full website, where it'll showcase all my work, my thoughts on them, and to advertise my services. No worries, the ring tone section will be retained, just that it won't be 100% what this site is all about. Maybe 50%? =) Apologies for the lack of updates. For those who're interested, there is an update a few days earlier, though. Just scroll down the menu bar on the left, and click on 'OCBC'. The few tracks there are the jingles that I've produced for their EasiCredit radio ads. However, it's unmixed though. It's kinda fun. Tell me which one you liked best! Thanks! =)

7th August, 1810 hrs - Am back. Issues with mum, and matters of the heart, has bogged me down for the past few days. Ok, I'm lying! I was just lazy to upload anything, cuz weebly can be such a bitch sometimes. Anyways, I've put up my latest composition, titled "Guardian", on the menu bar on the left. It's a Mandarin song, so if you're someone who supports local musicians, please, feel free to hop on over and take a listen. You can get the lyrics here. If you allow me to say, it's one of the rare times that I write something for myself. I've hundreds of works. But this is probably only the 4th of 5th song I've written for myself. I hope you like it.

27th July, 2359 hrs - FINALLY! Double Dragon is up!! =) Please scroll down the page and click on Double Dragon to start your download! =) thanks for waiting! I'll be uploading Final Fantasy battle themes sometime next week. Stay tuned!

27th July, 1656 hrs - Funny. My latest upload and entry isn't reflected! The worse part, I'll have to upload everything again!! Argh!! I'm out of patience, and right now's weebly's peak hours. Uploading's extremely slow, and I've been at it for hours. Something I realize is that, the longer the song and larger the file, the longer it takes for (slow) Weebly's virus scan to scan the file. And sometimes, it never completes (which is very frustrating)! Do stay tuned for my (re)upload of the once famous and VERY popular Double Dragon mp3 files! =)

12th July, 1915 hours - Surprise! I've uploaded 4 sound clips from The Dark Knight trailer, dedicated to The Joker (Heath Ledger), and uploaded the theme songs from Rockman / Megaman 2 and 3! Though they sound simple and old, but they're classics in their own rights, and deserves your download! Will be uploading Double Dragon mp3 files mid-week. =) Stay tuned! Meanwhile, Samsung mobile users, go here, and LG mobile users, go here. Ta da!

12th July, 0505 hrs - I'm back! Apologies for the lack of the mid-week update. Yours sincerely have been surviving on less than 3 hours of sleep everyday; even then, it was just a case of closing my eyes and tossing around in bed. Insomnia is a terrible, terrible thing to happen to anyone! Will upload more sound bites later in the afternoon, as I'm busy sourcing for new things to upload =) Also, I managed to catch Red Cliff with my family today. It's a great show! Ignore what the reviews say, and go watch it! =) Oh. Check back in the afternoon!

3rd July, 0030 hrs - Mouse over to J. Timberlake, Fergie, and Bleeding Love in the tabs on the left to download the new files! =) Also, my friend has uploaded all the new user manuals for cell phones like the Samsung Omnia, LG Secret. Head on over to to download them! Even if you don't own any of the new phones but would like to check them out, what better way to explore than downloading the manuals? =)

2nd July, 2350 hrs - Will be uploading Black Eye Peas' My Humps, Timerblake's My Love, and behold - Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love! Gimme about 10 minutes to upload everything. =)

28th June, 1745 hrs - Uploaded Sexyback - Justin Timberlake (broken up into 5 parts) and Clumsy - Fergie (2 parts). I broke them up to make them more suited for ringtones, instead of other ringtone sites that just chunk the entire song, which imo, misses out on the best part (when your phone rings) when someone calls you. So, my ringtones go right to where you want it to be =) They're here (Sexyback) and here (Clumsy).

28th June, 0112 hrs - Sorry guys! Caught up with work this week. Updates coming later in the afternoon! Still have work to catch up! =)

23rd June, 0912 hrs - Uploaded 7 quotes from Stephen Chow's classic The Tricky Master! It's the Mandarin version that I grabbed from though. However, they're still funny! The voice actor for Stephen Chow, imo, is actually really good, and helped give us the voice of Stephen Chow in Mandarin for so many years. Anyways, I came across one of the very first Mighty Morphing Power Ranger's original theme song, that goes "Go, Go! Power Rangers~!" It sounds good!! Go on ahead and grab it! =) Updates will be twice a week now. =p

20th June, 0215 hrs - Uploaded 8 movie quotes from Youtube! Will upload more during the weekends =) You can download them here. They're good and funny, be rest assured.

19th June, 2339 hrs - Stefanie Sun is looking for songs for her next Mandarin album. I sent in a total of 4 songs. The person who hands in the song for me, asked me to re-arrange a piece that he thought sounded quite good, and that for me to get a female vocalist to sing it. So, I've been busy with that. It's not completed yet. I'll be finishing it after I upload some movie quotes that I grabbed from Youtube. Some of them are hilarious, especially the Samuel L. Jackson ones! Gimme an hour or so. If not, check back in tomorrow morning, and they'll be up. If I can, I'll put up the demo that I send to Stef Sun as well. =) Wish me luck!

16th June, 2236 hrs - Uploaded Kungfu Hustle sound bites, and the ever-classic line from A Chinese Odyssey (in both Mandarin and Cantonese)! Go download them now =)

16th June, 1655 hrs - Uploaded more Shaolin Soccer sound bites, and they're at the Shaolin Soccer tab! These are more for than he others. =) Very soon, we'll have a classic line from Stephen Chow, and more sound bites from Kungfu Hustle!

16th June, 1425 hrs - Will be uploading more classic lines from Shaolin Soccer!

14th June, 0625 hrs - Uploaded more Naruto sound files, and among them, a Bleach opening song. They're good, I promise! Also uploaded classic lines from Shaolin Soccer! Have a good weekend, and see you guys next week! =)

14th June, 0510 hrs - I'll be uploading less ringtones starting Monday, maybe once every 3 days. I'll handle more customized requests from now on. Just drop me an email, and I'll do my best to get the sound you want. Meanwhile, the original songs will be taken down; they and my original compositions will be on a new website, dedicated to my compositions and works only. If you're a supporter for Indie music and passionate composer / vocalist, please spread the word, and hopefully my works won't disappoint you. =) Thanks!

14th June, 0450 hrs - Spent the night working on a new song. Will be uploading more Naruto songs in the morning. Meanwhile, check out the angsty song I did together with a friend!

12th June, 0617 hrs - Weebly's a little fucked up. It messed up my entire page and refused to load, so I had to sit my ass down again and re-do pretty much this present page. Oh well. Will be adding a Links page. Do check it out!

12th June, 0555 hrs - Finally! Played through NUMEROUS Naruto episodes on Youtube, and grabbed (unfortunately) only a few good ones (10, to be exact). Came across other funny ringtones on this site as well, which I took the liberty in grabbing the funny ones and re-posting it here (:-P). But here's the URL (I'm a magnanimous person!), cuz I know I can't provide everything on this little space of mine:

Also, I'll be uploading some sound files from Shaolin Soccer (a great film on many levels!) tomorrow night, along with more Naruto songs and voice bites. Will be working on grabbing voice and sound bites from Bleach, this weekend. Thanks again for sponsoring! Before I go, if you're thinking of owning a HTC Diamond, why not download the user manual here first:, and =)

11th June, 2330 hrs - Have been thinking of changing the entire lay out of the website. I think at the rate I'm going, I'll need to archive my stuff pretty soon. Looks a little messy now, eh? Uploading new files for download. Will upload original dance and techno remixes.

10th June, 1420 hrs - Finally, managed to upload 10 files. 4 from Keroro Gunsou, and 6 from the very popular online game in Singapore now, Viwawa's Wahjong!! Have been sick for the past 1 day. Flu, fever and all. Apologies for not updating. I noticed that you guys were loyal and still came back and checked for updates! A thousand thanks!! =) I'll upload more tonight. Just check regularly for updates lah, I'm not gonna promise anymore, as I've been breaking it the past few times (better late than never!). Thanks again! =)

8th June, 2335 hrs - I think I'm really losing my mind. I forgot to bring something very basic to my studio: the 1/4 inch jack!!! And I can't do anything without it!!! Apologies! Heading to Mustafa and will upload everything in the morning.. Till then. Ah, C'est La Vie.

8th June, 1245 hrs - Got a new cell phone: Nokia N82. Still getting used to it.. The number pads are a tad bit too small, and my manly fingers are barely nimble enough to hit on them accurately everytime, resulting in pressing the wrong numbers / text input. Me'll be busy with work today, but will upload a new batch of Keroro Gunsou ringtones before midnight! =) Stay tuned!

7th June, 0829 hrs - Sadly, I left my mobile phone on the cab. Tried calling back, but the person who found it switched my phone off, and I guess I lost the phone, and all my pictures and memories of it. Will do my best to upload a fresh batch of sound files online. Any customized request?

6th June, 0155 hrs - Uploaded all the Street Fighter voice collection. I'll be grabbing sound files / bites from the extremely funny and cute Keroro Gunsou! Gimme a few days though, busy weekend approaching! =) Thanks for tuning in! If this is your first time here, please feel free to explore, leave a comment if you like, and head over to and download your cellphone's user manual!

6th June, 0017 hrs - Uploaded Happy Tree Friends ringtones and sms alerts!! Do rush over and download them (before they sue my pants off)! I'm uploading Street Fighter 3 - 3rd Strike's OST, and Voice collection for download. Stay tuned! =)

5th June, 1955 hrs - It's tough to keep the momentum going, and I swear that I'm flooded with work. I still have 15 songs to finish by Friday, but anyways, I'm going for a run (strict regimentation on my part, as a promise to myself to lose weight), and will upload Happy Tree Friends' ringtones and Street Fighter sms alert tones (such as, Shoryuken! Hadouken! etc, etc). It'll be fun to have!! (especially Chun Li's famous "Spinning Bird Kick" that sounded like a million other things, of which the closest that I can make out it, "Ning Tai Kick!" (lol))

4th June, 0015 hrs - Finally! Uploaded 15 The Simpsons ringtones! I can't help but laugh at some of them, it's really funny! Special thanks to CoolDudeClem from Without him, the sound clips wouldn't have been possible! Go download them now! Meanwhile, do head over to, and click on our ad sponsors (! Of course, do help with my ad sponsors as well. Many thanks, and apologies again for the wait! =)
3rd June, 2250 hrs - uploading an original composition, I Will Be There. It's written by the webmaster of (who at the moment is sourcing around hard for the spanking new LG Secret user manual), and composed and arranged by myself. Vocals by Pin.

3rd June, 1120 hrs - Will be grabbing sound / voice overs from The Simpsons, which'll include Nelson's "Ha~Ha!" and various Homer Simpson groans, quotes, and the always adorable (and sickeningly-hilarious) Grandpa Simpson! Everything will be uploaded before 1800 hrs. Stay tuned =)

2nd June, 2008, 1317 hrs - Mid-day update! Beginning of the week, and I thought that I should provide my service a little better to the people who've been supporting my webbie for the past few days. Kindly let me know what you'd like to have for your sms alert tones and ringtones, and I'll do it for you! For example, if you find that a particular quote, sound, or music from any website (youtube, google video, etc) interests you and'd like to have it, just email me the url, the time on the video / music player, and I'll grab it and upload it here for you =)

I can be reached at =)

1st June, 2008, 1745 hrs - Uploaded a total of 11 sound files, including my original composition. I uploaded Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from another forum (of which I forgot where), and it's really cool! Plus a few more cool sound bites. Do download them if you haven't already! =)

1st June, 2008 - 1645 hrs - Hold up! I'll be uploading an original composition, a collaboration by me and the webmaster of by 1700 hrs. After which, I'll be uploading the sound bites for today!! =) Thanks for the support, to the very few who've been making it a point to visit my site. A thousand thanks and sincerest appreciation from me. Honest! =)

30th May, 2008, 0002 hrs - It's up! I think I'll upload a dozen (12) sound files every other day. Some of the sounds I uploaded earlier are really quite funny and definitely worth taking up some space in your mobile phone! Hurry over and download them! =)

30th May, 2008 - More sound bites up for download when the clock hits 00.00!! =) Stay tuned! I think in the future, I'll label my downloads according to dates, then according to the month. Please book mark this page!! =)

28th May, 2008 - Updates! I've created a whole new section - well, 2 actually. I've included the grunts and sounds that animals make, and some cool sound effects. Do check them out! I'm sure they're interesting and amusing enough on their own, and no harm having them, right? =)

27th May, 2008 - Hi All! This is my temporary beta testing site, providing SMS alert tones for downloads, and original ringtones. As long as your phone allows you to play an mpeg-3 file (.mp3), do feel free to download the files that I've created and uploaded in my next few pages! Of course, not all sound samples originated for me. I just handpick what I feel are the best alert tones.

Oh. Do hop over to and take a look. And do click on our ad sponsors! Many thanks!

Do stay tuned for updates every other day as I upload more of my original ringtones and alert tones. =)